Christian Guhlke

Christian Guhlke

Managing Partner and Director Digital

Charity walls – it works both ways

Say, you have developed a cancer medication. A disease that is serious and a disease area that you take seriously. You believe that your medication will make a difference to the patients suffering from it. Wouldn’t you also want to state your commitment by gathering support for independent organizations who either ensure greater quality of life for cancer patients or further research into the disease area?

A great way to make your commitment public is by gathering support for independent organizations who either ensure greater quality of life for cancer patients, or further research into the disease area.

Putting up a charity wall at a medical congress can gather support on a larger scale, by engaging the congress audience with your campaign.

Our signature wall operates with remote devices that are used by the stand crew to request signatures from passing doctors. For every signature that is left on the wall, your company will pledge to contribute a certain amount to a named charity or research organization at the end of the conference.

The signatures are wirelessly transmitted to a large screen at your booth and attractively displayed on a big screen. A dynamic counter shows the current amount raised. In addition, the screen describes your campaign and the institution that you are supporting.

What are the benefits?

You sponsor the charity or institution of your choice, whilst publicly stating your commitment to the disease area. In addition, this provides a great opportunity to connect with a wide network of doctors. Previous uses of this venture have allowed us to easily contact 1000 doctors. By asking them to support a third-party organization, it is possible to establish a first contact, which may result in a good conversation and potentially more.

Having a booth is all about networking – and having a charity wall is the perfect way to make contacts, grow your network and create opportunities.

It’s as simple as it sounds. Just give me a call on +49 2244 87848 23, and I will be happy to discuss your needs in more detail.