These are some of the members of our team. They represent a wider community of colleagues who we depend on to deliver the quality of products and services that we are proud of.

Alexandra Henschel infill

Alexandra Henschel

Account Director

Anette Minarzyk infill

Anette Minarzyk

Senior Medical Writer

Anna Hermann, infill

Anna Hermann

Senior Medical Writer

Bastian Höfer infill

Bastian Höfer

Creative Specialist

Benedikt Söhnle infill

Benedikt Söhnle

Account Manager

Christian Guhlke infill

Christian Guhlke

Managing Partner and Digital Director

Christina Kurenbach infill

Christina Kurenbach

Senior Account Manager

Daniel Nikolay, infill

Daniel Nikolay

Junior Creative

Dr Amy Kenyon infill

Dr Amy Kenyon

Senior Medical Writer

Dr Hendrik Rohleder

Dr Hendrik Rohleder

Senior Medical Writer

Dr Julia Melia Aloma infill

Dr Júlia Melià Alomà

Medical Writer

Dr Stephan Rudolph infill

Dr Stephan Rudolph

Medical Writer

Dr Sven Vanselow infill

Dr Sven Vanselow

Medical Writer

Dr Vishal Hedge, infill

Dr Vishal Hegde

Senior Medical Writer

Erik Bergner, infill

Erik Bergner

Junior Digital Support

Gavin Rosenbach infill

Gavin Rosenbach

Freelance Senior Creative

Heidrun Bahmann, infill

Heidrun Bahmann

Senior Creative

Ingo Barmsen, infill

Ingo Barmsen

Partner and Strategic Director

Jakob Wiebe infill

Jakob Wiebe

Junior Account Support

Kai Kurenbach infill

Kai Kurenbach

Senior Digital Manager

Laila Zembitzki inifll

Laila Zembitzki

Junior Medical Writer

Mara Schäfer infill

Mara Schäfer

Senior Account Manager



Feel-good Manager

Martina Runald infill

Martina Runald

Account Manager

Martina Weber infill

Martina Weber

Cook, heart and soul of the team


Matt Stanton

Senior Consultant, infill UK lead

Melissa Koch, infill

Melissa Koch

Medical Director and infill Lead USA

Mirco Lenhard, infill

Mirco Lenhard

Digital Manager

Nele Honnef, infill

Nele Honnef

Junior Creative

Sascha Tkacz

Sascha Tkacz

Senior Creative

Thorsten Land infill

Thorsten Land

Managing Partner and Account Director

Ute E Schmidt, infill

Ute E. Schmidt

Senior Consultant