Quality live interviews – from a distance

Virtual interviews are very convenient, and were an established tool used by recruiters even before the pandemic enforced working from home. During the past few months, we have found that they are also a great solution for live streams and congress symposia.

What are the benefits of virtual interviews?

We save a lot of time. Arranging the logistics for a film crew and their equipment requires a lot of effort that exponentially increases the more remote the conference venue is. For events in Asia we allow two days’ travel there and two back, i.e. four days in which no work gets done but the team is on the road.

Conducting interviews virtually, we just check the equipment here in the office, hand it over to a delivery service of our choice that takes it to the address specified by the interviewee. Then we arrange a time for set up and testing and for planning the interview with the speaker. As we use a plug and play technology, interviewees do not need to be IT specialists and the briefing can focus on the content and camera angles. On the day of the interview, we press the button, start the conversation and the recording process begins just as it would if we were onsite – including outtakes and fresh starts.

Post-production can start right away, as the team does not have to pack up and take the results back to the office. In the virtual scenario we tape the video call as it happens, in fact it can be pre-edited and prepared in such a way that the recording only needs to be dropped into a template – and the video is done. This means we have optimised production in various instances, thereby saving a considerable amount of time – and of your budget.

More advantages

This method is also very appealing for the interviewees. They can choose their own location and rather than having to extract themselves from the busy congress floor, they can focus on preparing for the recording in advance, film the video in the quiet of their own home or office and can be back with their families in no time.

The result is a video in often superior quality, with a considerably smaller carbon foot print. The latter is an advantage that cannot be underestimated.

In short, by filming medical experts virtually instead of onsite at medical congresses, we save time, money and considerably reduce the stress factor by gaining quality, tranquility and environmental protection all at the same time.

If you would like to give virtual filming a try, then please contact us at info@infill.com.