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Curating a knowledge hub: how do you structure data?

You have a treasure trove of publications, documents, slide kits and other materials that you would like to make accessible to your stakeholders. Traditionally, you would enter a lengthy and often painful process to make them available.

You collect all sources and then set to the task of organising them.

It can be a struggle to find the navigation and structure that works for every stakeholder. User behaviour often varies as widely as the users themselves who may take distinct routes to arrive at their information destination. Anticipating them is as important as it is difficult. Otherwise, time and effort may be wasted in unnecessary searches and important documents could get lost in sub sub sub sub sub sub sub sub folders. A powerful search function is an important part of the solution, as behavioural studies* show more than 50% of users go directly to the search function on a site’s landing page.

At the same time, new publications need to be captured and stored in one single repository. Not an easy task, when originators of documents may be scattered throughout the company and situated across multiple sites. By the time you have finished categorising and sorting, the first documents will probably have seen an update, and you are almost back to the beginning.

A truly Sisyphean task. So, what do you do?

At a time when internal resources are scarce and focused on other things, you need a little help from a trusted virtual friend: a tagging and curation system that utilises a powerful and secure AI digital asset management system. It also allows guided interpretation of all the combined information you have assembled. This means that you can ask it to do all the work for you. You supply it with the information, and it captures, tags, orders and (re-)places it readily at the fingertips for any inquiry. No manual categorisation is necessary.

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If you are looking for an innovative solution to an intuitive and searchable knowledge hub, this system already exists. Please contact us at and ask for the infill science vista. Our team is happy to assist you with the triage process for new content generation and curation maintenance.

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