Matt Stanton

Matt Stanton

Senior Consultant, infill UK lead

Game of strategies – competitive workshops

In the dynamic and competitive landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, a winning strategy can make all the difference. At infill, we understand the vital role that strategy plays in your success. That’s why we have designed our Competitive Strategy Workshops as a powerful resource for pharmaceutical professionals, whether you are crafting entirely new strategies or stress-testing existing ones.

Our workshops offer a distinctive approach, that immerses you in real-world scenarios and sharpens your strategic acumen. Imagine yourself in a room where you can foresee potential obstacles, uncover hidden opportunities, and fine-tune your strategies—all within a controlled and collaborative setting.

What does a competitive response workshop look like?

They are hosted in a prespecified future horizon and allow participants to gain new insights by playing key stakeholders in a prespecified situation. The success of any given strategy largely depends on the reactions of third parties. As we do not have direct knowledge of their reactions, role-playing allows us to develop scenarios and possible responses for the future.

diagram describing competitive workshop design

This sets our Competitive Strategy Workshops apart:

Hands-on learning: Our workshops provide an immersive experience that goes beyond theory. You will actively engage with pharmaceutical industry scenarios, making decisions and observing their impact in real time.

Risk mitigation: We help you identify and address potential obstacles and challenges that your strategies might encounter, allowing you to refine your plans before implementation.

Opportunity discovery: By simulating a variety of scenarios, our workshops help you uncover opportunities you might not have considered otherwise, giving you a competitive edge.

Collaborative environment: We foster collaboration among participants, encouraging the exchange of ideas and diverse perspectives, which can lead to breakthrough insights.

Controlled setting: Our workshops provide a safe, controlled space to experiment and innovate, allowing you to refine your strategies without real-world consequences.

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