We must, we can, we will: med comms during the current crisis and beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented situation, and has forced drastic changes throughout global society. Whilst movement restrictions have necessarily brought some industries to a standstill, it is vital that the healthcare industry continues working. In addition to dealing with the obvious crisis, it is important to maintain treatment and care for those with chronic and emergency conditions.

As a healthcare agency we want to do our bit. We all work from home now and noted its positive aspects: we love the lack of drive time, and working in our PJ’s! Also clients have been responding more quickly as they are not travelling and, like us, are cooped up with their laptops. And we are buzzing with ideas for virtual solutions to address the lack of actual personal contact and onsite connections.

Working from home

Working from home

Digital solutions to support the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare community

Whilst face-to-face meetings are largely impossible at present, it remains essential for pharma and healthcare professionals to stay in close contact with one other. Exchanging experiences, learning from each other and developing solutions jointly is as important as ever. Thanks to digital communication and collaboration platforms it is still possible to bring together specialists from different parts of the world to do just that.

The fact that these virtual alternatives offer many advantages to traditional business models makes them more relevant to this crisis situation. Less travel and dialing in from chosen locations frees up more time to treat patients. It also improves work-life balance and recuperation time for those treating patients. Reduced travel also benefits the environment – a pressing concern regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is our duty to provide technological solutions to communicate vital information during this crisis, and to meet the high demand for alternatives to traditional strategies. As we utilise the modern digital infrastructure for more and more aspects of our work, it is becoming clear that physical presence no longer needs to be our major modus operandi.

This situation presents a golden opportunity to introduce novel strategies that will ultimately benefit the pharma and healthcare industries (and many others) immensely as we move forward. We already have innovative solutions to patient outreach, digital networking opportunities, and support communication infrastructure. Let’s use them now to help those who need them most!

Over the coming months, we will document our observations on working from home and implement evolving business strategies as the situation progresses. We want to share our experiences, and are interested in yours.

If you are interested in learning more about our range of digital solutions, please get in touch at info@infill.com