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Benedikt Söhnle

Account Manager

A healthy benefit –
sponsoring employee bicycles

Protecting the environment starts on the way to work. So does caring for your health. That’s why many people commute to work on their bicycles. If you live and work in the Siebengebirge, this may prove a challenge as you may face a few steep inclines en route to work. I for my part used to opt to drive to work instead. Now I intend to change this.

As a company with a strong focus on a sustainable approach, infill healthcare has started to offer a new benefit to employees. From April 2023, our employees have been able to lease bicycles and e-bikes. As studies show, those who regularly ride a bicycle or e-bike are less stressed in everyday life and consequently have been proven to fall ill less often. In addition to promoting the health of our employees, the new mobility offer also contributes to reducing our carbon footprint. After all, the e-bikes can be recharged using electricity from our own sun collectors.

Going to work on my bike

All very good arguments, I thought. Since I didn’t have a bike, the question was if I wanted to spend money every month on something that I might rarely use. On the other hand, there is the health benefit of cycling. Also, the environmental aspect plays an important role for me.

In the end, the factor that tipped the balance was, that I can also use the business bike in my spare time. Taking regular tours with my sisters, I have already visited more places along the Rhine than ever before and from a different perspective. A completely new experience.

From a corporate point of view, business bike leasing is not only an environmentally conscious and healthy approach. It is also a great opportunity to strengthen the company culture and foster a sense of community. By sharing a commitment to sustainability, we create a positive working environment where we all pull together. And who knows, our next company outing might even be a bike tour.

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