Ute E Schmidt, infill

Ute E. Schmidt

Senior Consultant

Heart of the team

There is an enticing smell in the stairwell of the infill office. Follow your nose and you will find your way to the infill canteen where Martina is preparing lunch. All the tables have been set and in the oven sides of salmon are roasting while a risotto is stewing on the hob. Ah, that’s where the lovely smells come from!

Lunchtime is sacred in the agency – as every client and colleague knows who has tried to schedule a meeting between 12.15h and 13.00h. As if by magic, the team lines up in front of the kitchen to stack their plates with the daily offering. The weekly menu contains a different dish for each day and is published every Monday morning. Eagerly anticipated, meals can be adapted for vegetarians and those with gluten and lactose intolerance on request.

“It’s an important team-building activity, every day and very much appreciated by all of us” says Christian, one of the partners. “It’s an opportunity to catch up, exchange a bit of gossip and chill for a moment before we tackle our projects again with gusto.”

Martina Weber, chef of the infill canteen

Nourishing body and soul: Martina Weber, chef of the infill canteen

It is no exaggeration to say that Martina is the heart and soul of the agency. Usually, she cooks for fifteen people. She has been known to cater for up to 24 guests, that is the exception though. She knows the preferences of all her team, bakes all the bread and buns herself and supplies eggs from her own hens in summer. She has also been known to adapt dishes according to individual preferences. And if there is enough time, there will be a dessert.

The menu choices are up to her, and she makes sure that meals are balanced.  “That’s what I love about this job. I am my own boss and do my own planning. The people are really lovely, and I enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes.” This is a good thing, because if it were up to the team, she would only cook three dishes: schnitzel, lasagna and pizza. Thankfully, a compromise has been reached and while the top three meals appear regularly on the menu, healthy options are equally represented.

As lunchtime comes to an end, everyone queues up again, this time to clear the table and stack the dishwasher. Martina knows her team very well – and has them well trained.

If you would like to try our mene, please send in your job application to bewerbung@infill.com or join our client list as we also regularly invite our clients to join us for lunch.