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Anna Hermann

Senior Medical Writer

Knitting for hope on
World Ovarian Cancer Day

Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day and it is also the deadline for our internal Knitting for Hope Challenge. As an agency working in oncology communication, raising awareness for this devastating disease is particularly close to our hearts. So we are marking this 8th May by supporting the German initiative ‘Aktion: Grüne Socke’ (Initiative: Green Sock) with seven pairs of socks knitted by our team members.

The initiative is based in North Rhine Westphalia and run by Verein Gynäkologische Krebserkrankungen Deutschland e.V. Its aim is to create awareness and sharing potentially life-saving information for patients affected by gynaecological cancer. It also collects hand-knitted socks donated by volunteers and distributes them to gynaecological-oncological departments all over Germany. The departments in turn pass on the woolly presents to women affected to share hope, solidarity and some practical support with the patients.

We thought this is a great initiative and have been busy knitting socks which will be sent off to the charity by the end of this week. In fact, we think showing solidarity with those affected is so important, that we hope to continue knitting throughout the year. Secondly, a cheque is on its way to support the work of the many voluntary helpers of the initiative. Last, but not least, we also want to do our bit to highlighting the importance of gyn cancer awareness.

So, while we have your attention, we would like to make sure you are aware of some key facts regarding ovarian cancer:

key facts about ovarian cancer - infill

Hence, it is important to improve awareness of the disease and its symptoms to reduce delays in diagnosis, ultimately increasing the likelihood of a successful treatment.

Please join us in supporting this wonderful campaign: The association GynKD e.V. is looking for enthusiastic knitters all year round to reach as many people living with the disease as possible.

Let’s all stand together, share hope and fight ovarian cancer!

If you are working in the field of gynaecological cancer and are interested in educational materials to ease the challenges faced by those living with the disease, please contact us at