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Alexandra Henschel

Account Director

With a little help from a certified Veeva partner:
approvals made easy

You know the script: you are at the height of conference preparations, have millions of tasks on your to-do list and then there are approvals. Reams of documents will have to be uploaded, then monitored and potentially go through several approval rounds. A time-consuming process. But – there is help at hand.

The majority of colleagues working in the pharmaceutical sector, whether on the client or the agency side, are working with Veeva, and for a good reason. One of its strengths is the documentation and archiving functions that give structure to the management of document approvals. This is also the point where agency partners come into play.

Whether on the medical or the commercial side, infill has been working with Veeva for many years and on behalf of many companies, supporting clients in the upload, anchoring, referencing, and monitoring of the documents in Veeva. This led us to the decision to become an officially certified Veeva Content Partner.

Benefits of working with infill as a certified Veeva content partner

What benefits do you as a client have working with infill as a certified Veeva Content Partner?

1. Quality:

We know your high-quality standards and we will support you in achieving them in every step of the approval process.

2. Efficiency:

We can monitor the status and as well as the comments in real time in Veeva. This means, we can act on requests, by supplying additional information, adjusting visuals and references even during the ongoing approval phase.

3. Adaptability:

Not every Veeva ecosystem is the same for each company. Some parameters may have been designed according to the needs of the respective client or may indeed be adapted over time. As a Content Partner, we will be able to see those adaptations in the system, when they occur. This gives us the opportunity to learn and adapt to changing systems instantly without the need for a briefing from your side.

4. Continuity:

The Veeva certification programs ensure that Content Partners are trained thoroughly and on an ongoing basis, in fact we have to recertify every 12 months. This ensures that we are always abreast of the latest innovations – and we are consistently reminded how to implement the different features.

We understand medical writing as well as the complexity that the Veeva system offers, and we are here to support you in the best possible way. If you would like to learn more about how to take the stress out of materials approvals, please contact us at

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