Supporting healthcare education is our job

We develop further medical education activities for qualifying and qualified medical doctors in different indications. As our daily business, we build eLearning programs, lecture series, web platforms and many more. Also, most of our corporate social responsibility activities have that focus.

Recently, we have added a new group to the organisations we back: Deutsche Universitätsstiftung Bonn,  a foundation that provides support and bursaries to students, who are either the first in their families to go to university or come from a refugee background. Founded in 2009, the charity situated in Germany’s former capital Bonn, initially supported 30 students. Fifteen years later the number of bursaries has increased to more than 400 (status 2023).

In addition to a €600 annual bursary, the charity’s focus is on offering entrants the emotional, mentoring and networking support to complete their chosen path and to enter the professional world successfully.

There are four programme areas that students can enter: they can apply to become a part of TANDEM, Welcome, hochform or Medicus depending on their background, previous academic education, or chosen area of expertise.

Workshops, systemic coaching and an annual careers day are an integral part of the mix. We particularly look forward to joining the so-called Smart Talks in which students can enter conversations with professionals who already work in the fields the students have chosen.

Quote graduate Deutsche Universitätsstiftung

As worldwide conflicts increase, we believe it is particularly important to provide the freedom to study to those who suffer most from them: young people who have lost their home and/or whose chances for achieving an academic education are low.

We are impressed with the testimonials of current students and alumni that credit the exceptional work of Universitätsstiftung Bonn and look forward to supporting their good work. We hope to do this not only by sponsoring the programme financially, but also by offering practical advice, placement and job opportunities for those who are interested in a career in medical education and healthcare communication.


Ute E Schmidt, infill

Ute E. Schmidt

Senior Consultant