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Thorsten Land

Managing Partner and Account Director

The infill philosophy

Working in an agency can have its moments. When you hop from one flight to another during congress time, when it feels like the day has not enough hours to finish all the tasks you need to prepare the next client event or when you thought you had it all in the bag and then last-minute changes come in. In those moments, it is important to know that you have a team that holds your back.

At infill, we will often be presented with challenges that can only be met by a well-oiled team. On the one hand, this is due to the nature of our job which is multi-disciplinary. It requires the input of science specialists, IT experts, creatives and project managers. On the other hand, it needs much more to make our projects a success: a team who knows how to communicate well with each other at all stages of the delivery process. A team, in which members plan jointly, pool their ideas from the outset and a team, that have each other in mind throughout process, step in for each other and have each other’s backs.

The infill philosophy

This way all the different talents and perspectives in our team can come to the fore and combine to create the best possible outcome for our clients. Like in a basketball team or an orchestra, where every individual has their role and their responsibilities, every single player is important, and we depend on them to fulfill their part. Equally important is that everyone has the obligation to listen and act according to the conductor’s/ team captain’s instructions, wherever they may work around the globe.

We ask a lot, but we give a lot, too. In addition to working in a friendly environment, you can develop your ideas boosted by free beverages and fresh fruit. Our own chef Martina prepares a fresh lunch from local ingredients on a daily basis. And even those who work from different global locations get the benefit of Martina’s cooking when we meet up for our annual summer and winter parties. In short, we strive to increase the satisfaction in our colleagues, as we believe that the only way to do great work is if you do what you love.

This philosophy filters through to our clients who we consider as part of the wider infill team. This is reflected in the many successful long-term relationships we have built over the years, and the many new collaborations we join every year.

Working in an agency can be tough at times, but that is often when you have the best fun! If you would like to find out, please contact us with your CV and any questions you may have at