Christian Guhlke

Christian Guhlke

Managing Partner and Director Digital

Virtual reality – just a gimmick or an effective way to approach your clients?

If you think virtual reality sounds like the Matrix, and belongs in the realm of film and games, you may wish to think again.

VR and healthcare marketing
After all, virtual reality is an innovative – and very effective – way to transmit your messages to your customers. You are able to immerse them in a world you have created with assets you have chosen. Using virtual reality glasses and surround sound, your clients will be able to explore visuals in a new way. This opens a completely new dimension to mode of action videos, as it completely immerses the user and allows you to show more detail and focus on specific aspects without external distraction. I personally like Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR best.

Interactive VR

Based on these two VR systems, my team and I have developed a unique moderated solution which is basically an extension of the existing systems. It allows you to guide and highlight the VR demonstration for your users, instead of leaving them alone to get lost in the detail.

How it works

This moderated solution combines the VR experience with a tablet device. It is plug&play and has no wires and a clean look so it can be used on the go. Everything is easy to carry and battery-operated. It can be used in the doctor’s office, a booth situation or anywhere you would like to show 3D films and photographs, interactive virtual reality scenes, 360° panoramic views, and films or 3D models.

We don’t just offer the device, we support you in the conception, development and production of any of the above.

Sounds too good to be true? Why don’t you contact me at guhlke@infill for a real-life demonstration?