Anna Hermann

Anna Hermann

Principal Medical Writer

How medical education apps can revolutionize your business

In medicine, time is of the essence and nowadays the vast majority of physicians are juggling increasing administrative responsibilities and a tremendous number of patients per hour. You may wonder how they find the time to stay up-to-date on medical innovations.

Medical education apps may be the answer. With their help, healthcare professionals can make the best use of the limited time during their daily routine. Apps offer busy physicians the chance to tap into disease or drug information, look up treatment guidelines or access references. Be it from the doctor’s office, hospital or from home – with mobile apps, physicians can acquire important information for their work and/or catch up on their CME requirements efficiently. Since of the all information is stored in one place, medical education apps are not only convenient, but they also save time.

MSL support and other benefits of mobile apps

Furnishing an app with access to valuable medical content, be it drug and treatment information or up-to-date expert knowledge, provides physicians with important information.

By educating and supporting physicians, medical education apps enable doctors to be better prescribers for the companies’ brand and they help to connect directly with physicians and ultimately strengthen the relationship with the key target audience.

In addition, apps can bring considerable cost savings in comparison to other training tools. They are relatively inexpensive to produce and easy to update. Yet, these apps can be tailored and personalised to suit a particular need. They can include conventional text, multiple-choice questions, as well as video and audio lectures. Depending on the particular requirements of the individual client, links to detailed illustrations, animations or a glossary of terms or even conference-related material can be included.

In short, mobile applications, and especially medical education apps are an attractive proposition for both physicians, societies and the healthcare industry. Interested in discussing how medical education apps could revolutionise your business? Please feel free to get in touch!