Melissa Koch

Melissa Koch

Medical Director and infill Lead USA

Wish you were there?

How to make the most of your conference even if you haven’t been there…

Clinical knowledge is expanding at a rapid pace and new scientific content is being developed on a daily basis. One of most the important ways to disseminate new data and cutting-edge research is through scientific meetings. The benefits of these meetings are great and plentiful. There are, however, drawbacks. They’re costly to attend, require transportation and accommodation, and are time consuming. Moreover, they boast an intense programme, loaded with symposia, talks, posters and meet-the-expert sessions all running in parallel. This rigorous programming makes it difficult, if not impossible, for individual delegates to attend all of the sessions that are relevant and interesting to them. The solution? A congress report. We collaborate with pharmaceutical companies (sponsors) to focus on a specific disease and its therapeutic area. Prior to the conference, we develop a preliminary outline of the report by thoroughly checking the conference programme with the guidance of selected experts in the chosen field. While onsite, we take notes, gather relevant material and convene daily with our selected experts to tease out the new and intriguing data from heaps of information collected. The final report is written up a few days following the conference focusing the cutting-edge advancements in the field of interest. Furthermore, we include the perspectives of the experts who have helped us throughout the process, which in turn, helps the reader understand the clinical significance of the new data. The end result is a document that connects in-depth knowledge with an attractive format.

It sounds simple. And for the sponsor and viewers, it is, because we at infill handle all of the preparation, coordination, planning, legwork, sorting, deliberating, edits and re-edits from start to finish – consulting with the experts at the appropriate times until we have a polished project, signed off by the experts and the client.


Our congress reports are appreciated for many reasons, most of them pertaining to the high-quality content, referenced data, expert insights, and how they facilitate face-to-face interactions between sales forces and HCPs, and their accessibility – the reports are online, free of charge, and can be viewed at one’s convenience.


But it doesn’t stop there. Depending on the goals of the client, the congress report can be a living document – growing and evolving with each new congress season. Or, it can come to life via webcast, online seminar, or podcast. We offer a comprehensive plan for both the report and potential spin-off projects and are capable of carrying out those projects in-house, from start to finish, making infill a one-stop shop.


If you’re a potential sponsor and would like to know more about our congress reports, or if you’re a healthcare professional wanting to let us know there is a demand for a specific therapeutic area, please get in touch with us – we’re (t)here.