All the knowledge without the physical weight: the virtual conference bag

It’s congress time and it is a great pleasure to see clients and customers face-to-face again. While you may not miss the restrictions,  some aspects of virtual congress life are worth keeping. Think of your conference bag bulging with printed materials. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could lighten the load for both you and your customers, at the same time lessening the impact on the environment?

Meet the virtual conference bag: a convenient and eco-friendly solution. It offers medical professionals user-friendly access to medical content in the form of digital assets via downloadable or viewable links. Gone are the days of cumbersome print brochures. Instead, our app provides customers with a digital and practical solution that is well-received by doctors and healthcare specialists, especially at conferences.

Eco-friendly and cost-effective

The app not only contributes to sustainability but also saves on long-term financial expenses. As digital modules can easily be adapted and/ or replaced without the need for another print run, this saves both time and (natural) resources. Users equally appreciate the convenience of digital content as it gives them the opportunity to move freely during conferences without losing access to important materials during and after the event.

infographic conference bag infill healthcare

Access to comprehensive medical content

The application can accommodate both existing materials as well as content that our medical writers will develop with you. Extending its reach and durability, it can be designed to serve as a comprehensive platform for delivering training materials, instructional videos, product information and more. The resources are digitally formatted and can be made available to target audiences, ensuring sustainable access to medical content. Once the assets are delivered by e-mail, users can easily access and benefit from them anytime, anywhere. The evaluation function that is included, will help you measure which assets were particularly popular.

User-friendly and tailored to your needs

Designed with user convenience in mind, our virtual conference bag offers a user-friendly interface that is intuitive to navigate. Its straightforward design ensures that everybody can easily explore and utilise its features. Furthermore, the app can be customised. This means not only can you as the client tailor the overall communication experience with the needs of your target audience in mind, you can do so at the same time adhering to your corporate guidelines. With its seamless functionality and adaptability, our app can meet the individual needs of customers and clients alike.

If you are interested in developing your own virtual conference bag, please get in touch with us via We are happy to support you in its development and implementation.