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Gamify your congress booth

Medical congresses educate healthcare professionals (HCPs) on the latest clinical studies, guidelines, techniques and experience. They also communicate state-of-the-art, evidence-based clinical practice. Mostly this happens through symposia, workshops, oral and poster presentations and printed materials. It’s all very serious and if we are honest – no longer up to the latest trends in information sharing. As a pharmaceutical company who wants to stand out, you can up your game and stand out with gamification at your congress booth.

Gamified information sharing at the congress booth

Consider two facts:

  1. HCPs attend congresses to learn new information, and
  2. HCPs are competitive.

This creates a perfect setting to increase product awareness and disseminate information in an entertaining new format: an interactive competition. Gamification at the booth is educational and contains questions with referenced answers to specific medical questions. Additional graphs and visuals help to communicate key medical and scientific messages.

If you display them on a touchscreen it is a short elearning session for the individual HCP. Moderated with a group of fellow HCPs competing against each other, with results displayed on a scoreboard it is even more interactive and entertaining. A moderator engages the participants and the surrounding audience in a lively discussion and competitors enjoy the peer-to-peer interactions. And suddenly there is scientific debate happening in a very informal environment.

What is in it for your company?

For the company, the benefits of having a moderated quiz at the booth are numerous:

  • It increases traffic to the booth, and more people are attracted to visit if they see groups already interacting and having fun
  • Time spent at the booth is longer
  • Communication of key information on the indication, medication and relevant clinical study outcomes is delivered to more congress delegates, and retained more effectively
  • Further discussion and interaction with HCPs at the booth is possible after the completion of the quiz

While competition prizes for the participants are not an option for compliance reasons, this method of information delivery is a winner.

If you are interested in learning more about our digital medical education tools for the booth, feel free to contact us at info@infill.com.