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Dr Sven Vanselow

Medical Writer

From protein interaction specialist to medical science enthusiast – journey of a medical writer

Recently, I took a taxi and was reminded of an old cliche most students of biosciences know; a degree in life sciences is a straight path to becoming a taxi driver. If you ask me, the worn-out joke would have died a long time ago if bio students knew more about the plethora of career choices that are open to them. The profession of medical writing, for example, is one that many students and researchers looking to transition away from the lab don’t know about. However, it can be a great choice for scientists who want to work on more diverse topics in the world of medicine, rather than specialising in a small field.

So, what is it like to start your career as a medical writer after a few years at university? Well, your workday will certainly become more dynamic. Healthcare communication is a team sport and requires frequent coordination with your project manager as well as your digital and artwork colleagues. Your studies and research at university was probably focused on gene expression or signal transduction in a particular cell type. As a medical writer you will quickly become familiar with the world of clinical trials and investigational medicines. On any given day you will be working on multiple projects in different indications. I love the challenge of researching and learning about a disease that is completely new to me. In no time I have found myself having a broad knowledge of a number of fascinating fields.

swapping the microscope for pub med

Medical writer as a career choice: swapping the microscope for the pub med library

A somewhat controversial subject is work culture. Research scientists at universities and institutions enjoy a relaxed work environment. Whether you like dressing up or wear a comfy hoodie, nobody will question your choices. As for the dress code in the company setting remote working has played its part in normalising comfortable outfits at work. When interacting with clients, however, professionalism has its place for a good reason, and let’s be real: You wouldn’t wear sweatpants to a meeting with Jennifer Doudna, either. Furthermore, the widespread use of first-name terms sometimes masks the hierarchies that are nonetheless present in the academic setting. In contrast, many modern companies point out their flat hierarchies and often, they mean it – at infill we certainly do.

All in all, Medical Writing is a field where an interesting job profile with a lot of flexibility meets a high demand for new, motivated workers. If you’re interested in Medical Writing and want to learn more, or if you want to come to infill for a work trial, please contact us at info@infill.com!