Thorsten Land

Thorsten Land

Managing Partner and Client Services Director

Experts @work: virtual preceptorship meetings

Preceptorship programmes are a popular tool for building long-lasting client- customer relationships. Thanks to technology, virtual preceptorship meetings are now a possibility. This type of preceptorship is particularly useful in areas like oncology, where research, treatment and surgical options move fast and customers appreciate the ability to watch the experts in action.

Traditional preceptorship programmes often host young specialists in the cutting-edge clinics experts. There they are able to witness the different stages of treatment plans first hand as well as discuss treatment options with their peers and the professor. Wonderful as this format is, it is also logistically and financially challenging. Hospitals cannot accommodate an unlimited number of visiting doctors and increasing numbers can quickly deplete the client’s budget.

The solution to both challenges lies in interactive webcast technology. It enables you to visit the top university hospitals around the world and learn from the masters of your discipline – from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office.

From a user perspective you still have access to all the interesting topics. You can watch the professor in surgery, with patients and listen to lectures. You can also ask questions. At the same time, all the important materials are at your disposal: interactive case studies, expert statements, treatment guidelines, etc. You can participate in imaging exercises and the like and exchange your interpretations with fellow students/ participants online and in live chat sessions.

From a host perspective, this interactive version of a preceptorship programme makes things a lot easier and more effective as you can combine on- and offline events, make materials available after the event and build a longer-lasting relationship with your young specialists who will want to come back for more.

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