Melissa Koch, infill

Melissa Koch

Medical Director and infill Lead USA

Keeping your team on top form – virtual training tools

In the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, training tools are a necessary component in curating a competent sales force or marketing team. They provide the knowledge and insight one needs to thoroughly understand a therapeutic-related topic to be able to sell and market it.

Virtual/ digital training tools have all the benefit of asynchronous learning. Not only do they solve logistical challenges like location and time for the individual trainees, allowing them to choose a time and place when they are more ready for learning​​. Virtual training tools can also be used to train both current and future team members in a standardised fashion. Furthermore, asynchronous learning schemes provide time for thought and reflection as well as the opportunity to refresh one’s memory at a later stage. Last but not least, they are a student-centred approach where peer-to-peer interactions can play an important part in the learning process.

Active learning wherever you are

Well-written training tools simplify complex topics whilst resonating with various learner types. Different learner types can be engaged by utilising multiple formats to present information. Long-term retention of key messaging can be gained through repetition and active learning strategies, such as quiz questions, interactive features, and points of recollection throughout the training tool. Active learning engages the trainee and fosters a higher order of thinking – with the ultimate goal that the trainee applies what he/she learns from the training to their daily work.

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