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How to run a successful virtual advisory board

Of the many ways in which pharmaceutical companies engage with healthcare professionals (HCPs), advisory boards are one of the most valuable interactions. They provide an opportunity for companies to acquire advice and receive answers to important questions. As well as bringing together HCPs with different expertise, they can create an invaluable collaboration of payors, patients, consultants, company attendees and agency staff.

Even prior to the pandemic, issues such as scheduling conflicts, traveling distance, cost and time constraints were common restrictions to physical meetings. So, what if you need input from your opinion leaders (OLs) but cannot meet face-to-face? An ideal solution is hosting a virtual advisory board.

Common Concerns

The main advantage is that you eliminate travel time and costs, and allow attendees to join from anywhere in the world. When considering setting up your virtual advisory board, the following concerns may come to mind:

  • Will OLs want to attend?
  • Is the technology reliable?
  • Can an online interaction / virtual environment really lead to fruitful discussions?

Our experience

From our experience of executing several successful advisory boards, we have established a highly reliable and user-friendly platform, that is tailored to participants’ needs. We can also include engagement opportunities such as individual slide navigation, voting, polling, screen sharing, and note taking in real-time. Using a secure login platform with video function maximises engagement during the meeting.

connecting healthcare professionals

Connecting healthcare professionals virtually

Our virtual advisory board solutions provide participants with:

  • An easy-to-join and simple-to-use experience that is flexible and adapts to stakeholder needs
  • Dry test runs before the meeting, enabling familiarity with the platform
  • Established meeting goals, agenda and flow
  • Clearly defined roles for all participants
  • Expected results and outcomes of the meeting

Having on-call support to execute virtual advisory boards is essential to address any challenges that may arise during preparation and implementation. Our team is on hand to ensure optimal audience engagement, seamless communication and further OL engagement following the meeting.

Building long-term relationships can be challenging, however, our virtual setup will aid you in maintaining and furthering those vital relationships for long-term success.

To hear more about how our virtual advisory board solutions please contact us at info@infill.com