Understanding COPD: Through the lens of a novice

Understanding COPD: Through the lens of a novice

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The closest I ever witnessed a lung disease first hand was when I was in school. I distinctly remember assisting one of my friends struggling with asthma out of the classroom, so she could breathe better and use her inhaler. That memory is strongly etched in my mind. It was the first time I had witnessed someone who looked just as healthy as me, being unable to breathe. Gasping and hanging on to every breath. It was scary. Pretty scary.

That after all these years, I would once again have a tryst with lung diseases, even though in another setting, is something I had never imagined. As a medical writer working at infill healthcare communication, not only have I had the chance to research and explore various facets of lung diseases (COPD and IPF) but have interacted directly with HCPs and respiratory experts during congresses such as the ERS 2017 in Milan. This platform has provided me a much deeper insight into the world of respiratory disorders since my days in school or even as a researcher.

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) refers to emphysema and a combination of small airways diseases. Causes include smoking, long-term exposure to pollutants or even a genetic pre-disposition such as a deficiency of α-1 antitrypsin protein in the bloodstream. The disease which is both preventable and treatable, progresses at varying rates in different individuals. However, since COPD affects patients generally above 40 years of age, a lot of young adults ignore the symptoms (increased breathlessness, frequent coughing, wheezing, tightness in chest) putting it down to age. This leads to a delay in diagnosis and  can cause serious irreversible detriment to the lungs.

Hence, proper awareness is critical for the early diagnosis and treatment of COPD. Even though prior damage to the lungs cannot be reversed, the symptoms can be handled and further deterioration prevented. At infill healthcare communication, we strive to educate healthcare professionals as well as the general population about these diseases in close collaboration with respiratory experts, medical societies and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers. As researchers with strong scientific backgrounds, we prepare educational material and create reliable content.  Through a range of medical education programs such as webinars, e-learning, diagnostic apps and congress reports, we endeavour to perpetuate the message that “Knowledge is Key” especially when it comes to the treatment and diagnosis of deadly chronic diseases.

A recipient of several awards in the healthcare education sector, infill healthcare communication looks forward to teaming up with you to create a healthier and more conscious society. If you are interested in collaborations to champion this cause with us, please contact us at info@infill.com.

Let us join hands to keep breathlessness at bay!