Jenny Wilkinson

Jenny Wilkinson

My lifelong passion for biomedical science coupled with my excellent communication skills led me to discover my ideal career as a medical writer.

My background in medical biochemistry gave me a deep understanding of the causes and effects of diseases, and the means by which novel treatments are developed. During my undergraduate degree, I explored the fundamentals of cell biology, and gained an in-depth understanding of subcellular processes and interactions. I also developed project management skills, and learned how to design experiments and plan work programmes.

My oncology masters from Barts Cancer Institute (London) further developed these skills, with a focus on cancer biology and cancer therapeutics. I gained a deep appreciation of the drug development process, and of molecular targets and targeted therapies.

My years as an R&D scientist for a UK biopharmaceutical company (developing polyclonal therapeutic antibodies to various toxins) allowed me to put all this theory into practice. I learnt how to handle and utilize cell cultures, and perform numerous key assays underling in vitro trials.

Once promoted to laboratory manager, I quickly became adept at managing a team within this setting, and honed my organizational and project management skills. I realized that my true passion was literature research and medical writing, and began to develop my career as a freelance medical writer.

Over the past two years in this role, I have covered a wide range of disease and therapy areas, and love the diversity and challenge of my work. I bring enthusiasm and professionalism to every project, always striving for excellence.