Strategic counsel

The question is not where in the marketplace to put up my adverts but to identify all the marketplaces where my target audience is browsing and to address them with a digital strategy.

I have owned my own business almost all of my professional life. Therefore entrepreneurial thinking is second nature to me.

Why did I start a business based on medical education?  My original degree is in maths and education. Having graduated, I began my career as a researcher at University of Bonn where I conducted studies on methods, formats and channels with the aim to improve communication, long-term retention of information and learning. Soon this raised the interest of  healthcare sponsors who then commissioned me to work for them as a freelancer.

infill and I have provided consultancy services and communication solutions for pharmaceutical companies and international medical societies for more than 20 years now. These include innovative global CME projects, interactive learning tools and concepts for medical education. My latest passion is to introduce the multichannel approach into medical education to increase its appeal, user friendliness and the usability of information.

Like any agency lead, I get excited by awards and prizes. What fires me up even more is the fact that our work can have a direct impact on people’s wellbeing – particularly when we share the proceeds with those who are less fortunate.

I offer my clients

Entrepreneurial thinking
Strategy development
Long-term relationship building with international medical societies
Multi-channel marketing

When I am not consulting, I enjoy spending time with

my boat my barbecue friends and family

Director Digital Media & IT
A user interface is like a joke, if you have to explain it, it's not that good.

As a digital lead I am part of a team of IT colleagues managing and developing various individual solutions for our clients:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Individual app solutions
  • Website project management
  • Event management


Want to know more?

Digital Strategy
Project management

When I am not consulting, I enjoy

1. FC Köln snowboarding games movies
Senior Consultant
Listening without bias or distraction is the greatest value you can pay another person.

Are you looking for a seasoned communication expert with international experience? An expert who is equally familiar with internal and external communication? Then look no further.

Leading projects of a product, corporate and strategic communications nature, I have worked within the pharmaceutical industry both on the agency and the corporate side within the UK and Germany. Therefore I am at home both in English and in German. Mainly, I have been involved in an international environment participating in and also leading multi-functional, multi-national teams that sometimes – whenever they operated in an alliance – combined members from various top 15 pharmaceutical companies.

As part of the infill team, I coordinate and develop new communication and media concepts supporting two-way-communication and interactive formats.

Perhaps you are facing similar challenges and are looking for communications support? Then I would be delighted to discuss possible solutions with you.

As an international PR and communication consultant I offer my clients

Target group-specific communication
Strategic planning
Relationship building
Systemic Coaching

When I am not writing or consulting, I like

going to the theatre horse riding knitting
Principal Consultant
Great things are never done by one person. They are done by a team!

With 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I can offer clients my experience in launching and managing brands across their life cycle and help them to achieve profitable growth. Holding Marketing and Sales positions with international pharma companies, I have supported prescription medications in Respiratory, Oncology and CV health. I know what it takes to launch a brand successfully, nurture it to grow profitably throughout its life cycle and protect it from competitive threats both at a global and national level.

My insights and support will help you to develop and implement your digital and multichannel marketing strategies. Why don’t we meet up to discuss your latest challenge?

I specialise in

Development of digital & multichannel strategy
Project management
Workshop facilitation
Launch readiness support
Vice President
Trust me, I'm a doctor!

In the beginning…

After attaining my MBBS and intercalated BSc (Hons) from King’s College School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, I worked as a physician in the UK before moving to Germany. In 2006, I joined infill as a medical writer, and became a partner in the firm in 2009.

My work at infill

Combined with my experience in a wide range of disease areas, my insights into the needs of healthcare professionals and patients coupled with a burning passion for medical education, inspire me to work enthusiastically on the development of healthcare communication and training programmes. My principal goal is to optimise medical practice by increasing knowledge, confidence and competence in both doctors and patients, with the ultimate aim of improving patient outcomes.

What I love most

Interaction and collaboration with leading international medical experts in order to develop clinically relevant educational resources for a variety of multimedia channels as well as face-to-face events, meetings and presentations.

Dr. MBBS, BSc (Hons), AKC

Medical writing & editing
Medical education (digital & face-2-face)
Medical consultancy
Congress support (booth, symposia, materials)

My inspirations

Tennis intercultural communication reading dance (ballet) and brain training - a puzzle book is never far away!