Agency glamour

Agency glamour

Vice President
Trust me, I'm a doctor!

In the beginning…

After attaining my MBBS and intercalated BSc (Hons) from King’s College School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, I worked as a physician in the UK before moving to Germany. In 2006, I joined infill as a medical writer, and became a partner in the firm in 2009.

My work at infill

Combined with my experience in a wide range of disease areas, my insights into the needs of healthcare professionals and patients coupled with a burning passion for medical education, inspire me to work enthusiastically on the development of healthcare communication and training programmes. My principal goal is to optimise medical practice by increasing knowledge, confidence and competence in both doctors and patients, with the ultimate aim of improving patient outcomes.

What I love most

Interaction and collaboration with leading international medical experts in order to develop clinically relevant educational resources for a variety of multimedia channels as well as face-to-face events, meetings and presentations.

Dr. MBBS, BSc (Hons), AKC

Medical writing & editing
Medical education (digital & face-2-face)
Medical consultancy
Congress support (booth, symposia, materials)

My inspirations

Tennis intercultural communication reading dance (ballet) and brain training - a puzzle book is never far away!

One of the more glamourous sides to working in a healthcare communication agency is the preparation of assets for medical or marketing booths at a congress, or the organisation of a scientific symposium from start to finish.

For the latter, planning starts months in advance, conceptualising the agenda and communication strategy, booking the slot in the congress programme, inviting the faculty, and developing the materials for use at the symposium (roll-ups, stage banners, flyers, slide templates, and announcements for the official programme, website, and congress).

Next up is the faculty organisation, including contracts, briefing, logistical organisation, and slide submission and editorial assistance.

Then comes the glamourous part – jet setting off to distant locations. Well, I say “glamourous”, but the reality is sometimes a little different, when you have to figure out how to pack the equipment needed so that it is not damaged or lost in transit. Cling film and packing tape are essential luggage items!

Once onsite, the days becomes a controlled whirlwind of meetings, logistics and air-conditioned conference rooms. I won’t mention the occasional late-night slide rehearsals, waiting in conference rooms for the last speaker to arrive when the incoming flight has been delayed, because come the day of the symposium – when you see the results of months of preparation finally come to life – you realise that everything the team has put together, every tiny detail, is definitely worth it.

Then, if you are really lucky and have an extra night at the end of the conference, and especially if your team has checked out a super-sightseeing route and restaurant in advance, then you get to go on a whistle-stop tour of the city in the dark and enjoy the local cuisine – just to say you’ve been there. Earlier this year, we managed to see the main sites of Prague in 2 hours between 22:00h and midnight!

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  1. I accompanied infill to San Francisco last year and can state without hesitation that these folks work extremely arduous hours in preparing and delivering materials! It has to have military type presicison and they seem to execute just that, everytime.

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